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About Us

+ Lion is an accessibility startup, we work with other companies (both big and small) to help them to improve the accessibility and usability of their website or systems. We offer quick, practical support around accessibility as well as a range of services relating to making the web accessible.

Jamie Presenting for opera at standards.next

+ Lion grew out of my work running a small web design / development company. We found that we were being asked more and more to provide support for companies around accessibility and usability alongside doing design and development work. We decided that the time was right to spin this service off into its own business and + Lion was born.

As someone on the autism spectrum, I do have a slightly different view of accessibility. Whether it be a screen reader when tired, or instant messaging if i am unable to talk, I make use of a range of software and assistive technologies which has given me a unique perspective into making things accessible.

I know I do not talk for everyone and you can never really understand how different people experience the web, but i am making it my aim to learn as much as I can, then combining this with my own experience to provide practical timely advice to make the web better. Kinda simple really, and really very exciting.

An important part of + Lion indeed its namesake is Lion! Lion is my plushie companion, he never leaves my side and helps make the world a slightly more understandable place. To me he represents making things accessible, whether from the physical perspective (he has trouble typing, reading and understanding from time to time) to a more abstract perspective. Lion is part of the way that my “disability” effects me, and from this + Lion seemed like an ideal name and description for what i am doing.

Why is accessibility important?

Accessibility is important for your business in a number of ways, its a vital part in making sure that you website achieve its goal and actually make you money. Accessibility is ensuring that your website works for as many people as possible, regardless of any disabilities or what software they are using, as such it often goes hand in hand with usability, making sure that your website achieves its goal and actually makes you money, whether it be to make a purchase, complete a task or find some information.

There are a range of ways an accessible and usable website or system is important or beneficial, business benefits include a wider audience for your products or services and a competitive advantage over your inaccessible rivals, and its important for legal and moral reasons. In short, ensuring your site is accessible meets your legal requirements and can help your business too.

How much does this cost?

To make pricing as simple as possible, we work around an hourly rate of £35 / hour. Accessibility support is billed by the hour each week, while testing and reports are billed by the 7 hour day with the average report taking 1-3 days to produce. Most reports cost from around £375 with support costing as much as the value of the time you use.


I would like to thank Henny Swan for allowing me to use the image of me in full swing at standards.next, also thanks to Bruce Lawson, Paul Boag, Antonia Hyde and Alun Rowe for their encouragement, wise words & support!

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