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Our Services are focused on helping out web agencies and website owners with the accessibility of their projects. Not everything we do is listed here, so if you have a question or need help with something feel free to get in touch by sending an email

Accessibility Support

This service is for web development and design companies who need a helping hand with accessibility from time to time. At its most basic level the service is an ad hoc accessibility question / answer service charged at an hourly rate.

We provide timely advice and consultancy on a wide range of accessibility related issues. Whether you are looking to address known problems or need help with a decision regarding support get in touch.

Get in touch for more information or to open your account.

Testing & Reporting

This services is for websites owners and web agencies, this provides a more in-depth look at how your site / product / app etc works for people. Each report / testing pattern is custom designed around you needs, but will often include testing with a number of screen readers, analysis, impressions and a report detailing the findings and where possible, suggest fixes or work arounds.

Report and testing focus on 3 areas, technical compliancy, which relates to the standards around accessibility like the WCAG, or the WAI etc. These are technical standards which are thought by the web community to be a good benchmark for making a site accessible. We also test for “Cognitive Accessibility” this is a much harder to define standard. Testing for this looks at how understandable the content, process and features of you site are to a range of users, we test for clear language, both in and out of context. The third part of our reporting and testing is around how you site works with assistive technology. This is not a simple checklist, this is an indepth analysis of what you site does well, and where it struggles when used with assistive tech such as screen readers. However, we do not solely focus on screen readers, we also look at how the site behaves with zooming (both screen, and page zoom).

We also offer custom reporting, we have done a number of reports for a range of organisations tendering for government projects and the like. If you would like to know more, or think we can help, then get in touch

Autism Presentations & Training

Presenting on Autism and related topics is something myself and lion have been doing the last few years. In this time we have spoken at universities, conferences and for small meetup’s.

We currently offer two “tracks”, the first covers Autism & the Legal System, detailing my experience giving evidence in court and the special exceptions put in place to allow me to do so. This presentation has been a hit at birmingham university and a number of other conferences i have been lucky to speak at. It provides a practical overview of the process, as well as some information on areas which require special planning or work.

The second track, covers the intersection of Autism and the Internet. “Autism, Internet & Antelope” . This talk details how the web can empower people on the spectrum in a number way. Communication, Social & Practical benefits are all covered as well as some tips on helping to introduce people to the web and finding the right technology to suit there needs.

I can also prepare more customised talks, Q&A sessions and simple training packages. Prices for the presentations are from 250 including a copy of my slides and some online resources for post presentation support.

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Lion is an antelope obsessed plushie who goes everywhere with Jamie. He writes about autism and has done presentations for the likes of Birmingham university and other services. More about Lion

Jamie Knight

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Jamie is the technical guy, he's been working online commercially since 2003 & in that time worked with numerous studios & clients for both small companies & big brands like Channel 4 & Dogs Trust. More about Jamie.

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